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using pyserial

March 7, 2016 1 comment
import sys
import glob
import serial
import time

def serial_ports():
    if sys.platform.startswith('win'):
        ports = ['COM%s' % (i + 1) for i in range(256)]
    elif sys.platform.startswith('linux') or sys.platform.startswith('cygwin'):
        # this excludes your current terminal "/dev/tty"
        ports = glob.glob('/dev/tty[A-Za-z]*')
    elif sys.platform.startswith('darwin'):
        ports = glob.glob('/dev/tty.*')
        raise EnvironmentError('Unsupported platform')

    result = []
    for port in ports:
            s = serial.Serial(port)
        except (OSError, serial.SerialException):
    return result

def process(p):
    ser = serial.Serial(port=p,

    for i in range(100):

        out = ''
        while ser.inWaiting() > 0:
            out +=

        if out != '':
            print ">>" + out


if __name__ == '__main__':
    port = (serial_ports())[0]
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List Of SW1 SW2 in Smart Card

August 13, 2015 Leave a comment

6E00/E/Class not supported.
61–I/    /Response bytes still available
61XX/I/Command successfully executed; ‘XX’ bytes of data are available and can be requested using GET RESPONSE.
62–/W/State of non-volatile memory unchanged
6200/W/    No information given (NV-Ram not changed)
6201/W/    NV-Ram not changed 1.
6281/W/    Part of returned data may be corrupted
6282/W/    End of file/record reached before reading Le bytes
6283/W/    Selected file invalidated
6284/W/    Selected file is not valid. FCI not formated according to ISO
6285/W/    No Purse Engine enslaved for R3bc
62A2/W/    Wrong R-MAC
62A4/W/    Card locked (during reset( ))
62CX//    Counter with value x (command dependent)
62F1/W/    Wrong C-MAC
62F3/W/    Internal reset
62F5/W/    Default agent locked
62F7/W/    Cardholder locked
62F8/W/    Basement is current agent
62F9/W/    CALC Key Set not unblocked
62FX/W/    –
62XX//    RFU
63–/W/State of non-volatile memory changed
6300/W/    No information given (NV-Ram changed)
6381/W/    File filled up by the last write. Loading/updating is not allowed.
6382/W/    Card key not supported.
6383/W/    Reader key not supported.
6384/W/    Plaintext transmission not supported.
6385/W/    Secured transmission not supported.
6386/W/    Volatile memory is not available.
6387/W/    Non-volatile memory is not available.
6388/W/    Key number not valid.
6389/W/    Key length is not correct.
63C0/W/    Verify fail, no try left.
63C1/W/    Verify fail, 1 try left.
63C2/W/    Verify fail, 2 tries left.
63C3/W/    Verify fail, 3 tries left.
63CX//    The counter has reached the value �x� (0 = x = 15) (command dependent).
63FX/W/    –
63XX//    RFU
64–/E/State of non-volatile memory unchanged
6400/E/No information given (NV-Ram not changed)
6401/E/Command timeout.
64XX/E/    RFU
65–/E/State of non-volatile memory changed
6500/E/No information given
6501/E/Write error. Memory failure. There have been problems in writing or reading the EEPROM. Other hardware problems may also bring this error.
6581/E/Memory failure
65XX/E/    RFU
6669/S/Incorrect Encryption/Decryption Padding
66XX/S/    –
6700/E/Wrong length
67XX/E/    length incorrect (procedure)(ISO 7816-3)
68–/E/Functions in CLA not supported
6800/E/No information given (The request function is not supported by the card)
6881/E/Logical channel not supported
6882/E/Secure messaging not supported
6883/E/Last command of the chain expected
6884/E/Command chaining not supported
68XX/E/    RFU
69–/E/Command not allowed
6900/E/No information given (Command not allowed)
6981/E/Command incompatible with file structure
6982/E/Security condition not satisfied.
6983/E/Authentication method blocked
6984/E/Referenced data reversibly blocked (invalidated)
6985/E/Conditions of use not satisfied
6986/E/Command not allowed (no current EF)
6987/E/Expected secure messaging (SM) object missing
6988/E/Incorrect secure messaging (SM) data object
6996/E/Data must be updated again
69F0/E/Permission Denied
69F1/E/Permission Denied – Missing Privilege
69XX/E/    RFU
6A–/E/Wrong parameter(s) P1-P2
6A00/E/No information given (Bytes P1 and/or P2 are incorrect)
6A80/E/The parameters in the data field are incorrect.
6A81/E/Function not supported
6A82/E/File not found
6A83/E/Record not found
6A84/E/There is insufficient memory space in record or file
6A85/E/Lc inconsistent with TLV structure
6A86/E/Incorrect P1 or P2 parameter.
6A87/E/Lc inconsistent with P1-P2
6A88/E/Referenced data not found
6A89/E/File already exists
6A8A/E/DF name already exists.
6AF0/E/Wrong parameter value
6AXX/E/    RFU
6B00/E/Wrong parameter(s) P1-P2
6BXX/E/    Reference incorrect (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
6C–/E/Wrong length Le
6C00/E/Incorrect P3 length.
6CXX/E/    Bad length value in Le; ‘xx’ is the correct exact Le
6D00/E/Instruction code not supported or invalid
6DXX/E/    Instruction code not programmed or invalid (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
6E00/E/Class not supported
6EXX/E/    Instruction class not supported (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
6F–/E/Internal exception
6F00/E/Command aborted – more exact diagnosis not possible (e.g., operating system error).
6FFF/E/Card dead (overuse, �)
6FXX/E/    No precise diagnosis (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
9— /    /
9000/I/Command successfully executed (OK).
9004/W/    PIN not succesfully verified, 3 or more PIN tries left
9008/ /Key/file not found
9080/W/    Unblock Try Counter has reached zero
9101/ /States.activity, States.lock Status or States.lockable has wrong value
9102/ /Transaction number reached its limit
920x/I/Writing to EEPROM successful after ‘x’ attempts.
9210/E/Insufficient memory. No more storage available.
9240/E/Writing to EEPROM not successful.
9301/ /Integrity error
9302/ /Candidate S2 invalid
9400/E/No EF selected.
9401/ /Candidate currency code does not match purse currency
9402/ /Candidate amount too high
9402/E/Address range exceeded.
9403/ /Candidate amount too low
9404/E/FID not found, record not found or comparison pattern not found.
9405/ /Problems in the data field
9407/ /Bad currency : purse engine has no slot with R3bc currency
9408/ /R3bc currency not supported in purse engine
9408/E/Selected file type does not match command.
9580/ /Bad sequence
9681/ /Slave not found
9700/ /PIN blocked and Unblock Try Counter is 1 or 2
9702/ /Main keys are blocked
9704/ /PIN not succesfully verified, 3 or more PIN tries left
9784/ /Base key
9785/ /Limit exceeded – C-MAC key
9786/ /SM error – Limit exceeded – R-MAC key
9787/ /Limit exceeded – sequence counter
9788/ /Limit exceeded – R-MAC length
9789/ /Service not available
9802/E/No PIN defined.
9804/E/Access conditions not satisfied, authentication failed.
9835/E/ASK RANDOM or GIVE RANDOM not executed.
9840/E/PIN verification not successful.
9850/E/INCREASE or DECREASE could not be executed because a limit has been reached.
9900/ /1 PIN try left
9904/ /PIN not succesfully verified, 1 PIN try left
9985/ /Wrong status – Cardholder lock
9986/E/Missing privilege
9987/ /PIN is not installed
9988/ /Wrong status – R-MAC state
9A00/ /2 PIN try left
9A04/ /PIN not succesfully verified, 2 PIN try left
9A71/ /Wrong parameter value – Double agent AID
9A72/ /Wrong parameter value – Double agent Type
9D05/E/Incorrect certificate type
9D07/E/Incorrect session data size
9D08/E/Incorrect DIR file record size
9D09/E/Incorrect FCI record size
9D0A/E/Incorrect code size
9D10/E/Insufficient memory to load application
9D11/E/Invalid AID
9D12/E/Duplicate AID
9D13/E/Application previously loaded
9D14/E/Application history list full
9D15/E/Application not open
9D17/E/Invalid offset
9D18/E/Application already loaded
9D19/E/Invalid certificate
9D1A/E/Invalid signature
9D1B/E/Invalid KTU
9D1D/E/    MSM controls not set
9D1E/E/Application signature does not exist
9D1F/E/KTU does not exist
9D20/E/Application not loaded
9D21/E/Invalid Open command data length
9D30/E/Check data parameter is incorrect (invalid start address)
9D31/E/Check data parameter is incorrect (invalid length)
9D32/E/Check data parameter is incorrect (illegal memory check area)
9D40/E/Invalid MSM Controls ciphertext
9D41/E/MSM controls already set
9D42/E/Set MSM Controls data length less than 2 bytes
9D43/E/Invalid MSM Controls data length
9D44/E/Excess MSM Controls ciphertext
9D45/E/Verification of MSM Controls data failed
9D50/E/Invalid MCD Issuer production ID
9D51/E/Invalid MCD Issuer ID
9D52/E/Invalid set MSM controls data date
9D53/E/Invalid MCD number
9D54/E/Reserved field error
9D55/E/Reserved field error
9D56/E/Reserved field error
9D57/E/Reserved field error
9D60/E/MAC verification failed
9D61/E/Maximum number of unblocks reached
9D62/E/Card was not blocked
9D63/E/Crypto functions not available
9D64/E/No application loaded
9E00/ /PIN not installed
9E04/ /PIN not succesfully verified, PIN not installed
9F00/ /PIN blocked and Unblock Try Counter is 3
9F04/ /PIN not succesfully verified, PIN blocked and Unblock Try Counter is 3
9FXX/ /Command successfully executed; ‘xx’ bytes of data are available and can be requested using GET RESPONSE.
9XXX/ /Application related status, (ISO 7816-3)

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easy tabular file access with sql like command

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment
    //    Abdul Arfan 2007 Dec   
    //    db file
    //    akses file jadi mirip database
    //insert(array("arfan", "1204556658", "Abdul Arfan"));
    // untuk menginsert data //
    function insert( $array )
        $handle = fopen ( "./db.txt", "a" );
        $first =true;
        write_array($handle, $array);
    // untuk searching data  //
    function select( $array_constrain )
        $result = null;
        $handle = fopen ( "./db.txt", "r" );
        while($line = fgets($handle))
            $array = split(",", $line);
            $masuk = true;
                foreach ($array_constrain as $key => $value)
                        $masuk = false;
        return $result;
    function delete( $array_constrain )
        $result = null;
        $handle = fopen ( "./db.txt", "r" );
        $handle2 = fopen ( "./db-temporary.txt", "w" );
        while($line = fgets($handle))
            $array = split(",", $line);
            $cocok = true;
                foreach ($array_constrain as $key => $value)
                        $cocok = false;
                write_array($handle2, $array);
        fclose ($handle );
        fclose ($handle2 );
        //hapus db.txt
        $myFile = "db.txt";
        rename  ( "db-temporary.txt", "db.txt" );
        return $result;
    function update( $array_constrain , $array_update)
        $result = null;
        $handle = fopen ( "./db.txt", "r" );
        $handle2 = fopen ( "./db-temporary.txt", "w" );
        while($line = fgets($handle))
            $array = split(",", $line);
            $cocok = true;
                foreach ($array_constrain as $key => $value)
                        $cocok = false;
                foreach ($array_update as $key => $value)
                    $array[$key] = $array_update[$key];
            write_array($handle2, $array);
        fclose ($handle );
        fclose ($handle2 );
        //hapus db.txt
        $myFile = "db.txt";
        rename  ( "db-temporary.txt", "db.txt" );
        return $result;
      fungsi-fungsi tambahan
    function write_array($handle, $array)
        $first =true;
        foreach($array as $el)
                $total = trim($el);
                $total = $total.", ".trim($el) ;
        fwrite($handle, $total."\n");
    * return dari ini adalah satu baris saja
    * jadi bukan bentuk tabel
    function select_one( $array_constrain )
        $handle = fopen ( "./db.txt", "r" );
        while($line = fgets($handle))
            $array = split(",", $line);
            foreach ($array_constrain as $key => $value)
                    return $array;
        return null;
        fclose ($handle );
    function display_all()
        $result = select(null);
        echo "<table border=\"1\">";
        foreach($result as $row)
            echo "<tr>";
            foreach($row as $element)
                echo "<td>$element</td>";
            echo "</tr>";
        echo "</table>";
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Simple Java Input and Output

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

public class SimpleIO
 public static void main(String args[])
 BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
 System.out.print("what is your name? ");
 String name = reader.readLine();
 System.out.println("hello "+name+", have a nice day");
 catch(Exception e)
 System.out.println("Exception occured");
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